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  1. Hey guys, I recently spoke with Ken Chang, he is an employee at, and he helped shed some light on the situation. -Sam.cpcr is the main person that they deal with when it comes to group buy coupons. There are no other sites that have group buy key codes from themselves. -Ken Chang said that Sam.cpcr has unused codes that have not been claimed as of yet (June 11 2013) -Sam.cpcr hasn't posted in months at this point, and they haven't heard from him either. said that Sam travels a lot internationally and that sometimes he is away from the keyboard for long periods of time (i was told to email him personally) -Since no one has heard from Sam, and since there hasn't been any other threads posted in some time, If we were able to post a new thread and get 10 people together, I'm sure that Maxkeyboard would understand, and they would honor us with group buy keycodes. I don't know who has the power to make new threads on this site, but maybe there is another section of the custompcreview website where we can start a new thread. If anyone is willing to do this, just post below and I'm sure we will be able to organize something. Thanks for your help guys! -Adam
  2. Sent you a pm sam.cpcr, thanks for helping out!
  3. Hey guys, I'm new to the group buy thing, and I was wondering if 10 is the max order, or if maybe I could tack on another order for a Max Keyboard: Durandal. Thanks for the help!