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  1. Hi guys, I hope im in the right forum to ask my questions here. I am trying to build a rig with a budget of not more than $600 or probably up to $800 if my requirements does not meet my budget. To be specific on its use here are the list of the apps and games i intend to install. Main APPS: - Adobe suite e.g Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver and if possible with the budget Premier and After Effects for basic video editing. - Microsoft Office - 1080p HD movie player Main Games: - Warcraft - online games (WOW) i really like the build that was posted here Best Budget AMD Gaming PC Build Under $800 [October 2012] | Custom PC Review but im not really a fan of AMD but if it meets my budget no problem, so far these are what i need. 1) CPU - I wont be needing multi threaded cause i dont heavily video edit. 2) Motherboard - This is where im stuck on searching what brand and model i need. So far im dreaming of this specs for a motherboard. I dont need a lot of ports which just makes the motherboard expensive - atleast 1 thunderbolt port - atleast 1 PCIE slot, i dont plan to SLI i only use 1 single card - bluetooth (optional) - WIFI (optional) - USB 3.0 (must have) - SATA 3 6gbps 3) Memory - 8gb or just advise me as long as it fits my budget 4) GPU - if possible i would love to have NVIDIA for the reason of that CUDA technology so that i would somehow enjoy the life of video encoding :) but if its not going to fit on my budget well at least suggest me a better alternative by the way im using 2 monitors. 5) Case - any case would do as long as it has cable management, air flow etc. 6) PSU - just like i said i only need 1 single card i have no plan in the future to SLI or double my GPU as long as it would be enough to support my rig and wont be short. 7) SSD - enough to run my OS, APPS and few Games. I already have my own HDD, DVD rom and monitors. :) Thanks in advance guys.
  2. Hi guys im Jejebuster and im new here.. hope to learn more so i could build my own rig one day :)