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  1. If anyone is on the fence about purchasing a Max Keyboard product, I purchased 2 keyboards in last group by and have been extremely impressed with the quality. One of the boards did arrived with a small defect (see http://www.forums.custompcreview.com/f75/max-keyboard-group-buy-thread-14-a-1607/index5.html#post9671), but Max Keyboards customer support was outstanding. I contacted them early in the afternoon on a friday, and they asked me to provide pictures of the defect, as well as the packaging to make sure that the product wasn't damaged during shipping. I made the post above a few hours after I sent the photos. I heard back from Max Keyboard about an hour after I made the post, and they had already shipped a replacement. I received the replacement seven days later. Included in the box was the replacement keyboard, a prepaid shipping label to return the defective product, and some free accessories such a keypuller, custom key caps, and a cable strap. The accessories were a nice and appreciated gesture. All and all, I am extremely happy with my purchase.
  2. My keyboards arrived yesterday, but one of them, the G1N, arrived with some damage. One of the fold out leg on the bottom won't stay up. Part of the plastic under the leg appears to have snapped off, and the leg just flops around. Hopefully their customer service will come through. Has anyone worked with Max's support before on a defect/warranty claim that could give me a heads up on what to expect?
  3. Please add me to this group buy. Also, I plan on buying 2 keyboards, so I do not know if that counts as one or two to the needed 10.