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  1. Ergogeek has the Tesoro Durandal G1NL mechanical keyboard for $90 + $5 shipping this week. Cherry MX Reds: link Cherry MX Blues: link Cherry MX Browns: link
  2. A heads up for anyone who wants a Durandal G1NL, and who's waiting for the group buy to go through: Ergogeek currently has the G1NL for $90 + $5 shipping (link).
  3. If I will be able to get a Nighthawk X9 with white LEDs (the same one they have pre-configured on their site for $154.99) on this group buy, then I'd like to join as well. strutz: I don't think you can stack coupons. The promotions page says you cannot combine with any other offer (link).
  4. If I wanted to be part of the group buy, would I be able to get a Nighthawk X9 with all white LEDs? I know they sell that as a pre-set option on their site, but is it available with this group buy?