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  1. Almost there we only need 2 more. From what I could tell about the multi coupons so far the site only takes one at a time. I do have the like coupon as well and I had another one to but I don't remember where I got it. Either way I put in the like coupon and when I put in the second one it said no deal. This special group coupon may be different though I do not know. I guess you will just have to see after you get this group buy coupon. Either way a quality keyboard like this at a 20% discount is a great deal either way.
  2. X9 From what I have heard it is 20 percent off the X8 or X9 and one other one with any keyset and cherry color they carry period.
  3. Halfway there I have been posting wherever I could to get more so we can buy our keyboards I already have a custom keyed and LED'd one in my cart with Cherry Browns, either way looks like were halfway through I see 2 more that need to be added to the buy list. Oh and thanks for joining it leahg725 and LeNavigateur :D
  4. No that was the thing I have been a member there since it was relatively new and I assumed there might be a few interested in one. I know all the long term members there as well as the two who run it heck I almost worked for them as far as it goes back in the day. Not to mention I only posted it like 6 times and like I said a 20% price break on a quality keyboard like this I assumed I was doing them a favor. So I was not actually spamming and the main person there wrote me personally at which point I explained it all and he understood but they just assumed someone had stolen my account or something. I would not have even posted it if it was not in a positive outreach to begin with and the owners there have known me for years so I was surprised when they even asked really.
  5. I have been trying to post a link to this group around to speed this up. I posted to a couple other groups but the first one HotHardware: Tech, Computers, Smartphones, Reviews, News and Analysis hit me back asking if it was spam and if my account had been hacked which really makes no sense to me. Either way I am working on notifying those I know who might be interested in one of these. I know I am really looking forward to a custom cherry brown LED and solid built keyboard most definitely!
  6. what exactly do I need supply to to be placed on the list and get a coupon exactly?
  7. Most definitely Sign me up I have my blue led cherry brown in my basket on the site and have for a couple of days now trying to get this going :)
  8. Hey sam.cpr are you setting up another group? As I stated I am in and see almost 10 people saying there in from my side in comments already! Nevermind I got a little over zealous I see 3 or four of us waiting for this group buy so far.
  9. Definitely interested in one with Brown switches and Blue led's