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  1. Can i control this SP120 PWM Performance Edition with my crsair link Air Series SP120 PWM High Performance Edition High Static Pressure Fan Twin Pack - Air Series Fans - Cooling Or just get this fan Sp120L Hydro Series H80i/H100i SP120L 2700 RPM Replacement PWM Fan - Cooling Accessories - Cooling i wanna know if i can control this sp120 pwm performance with my H80i/Corsair link if not maybe take this Sp120L, this Sp120L is the stock fan of H80i/H100i correct me if im wrong. Thanks
  2. Trying to sell this so i can get low profile ram. Thanks
  3. great ill set this to 1.65V then ill try to hit 2133-2400
  4. you can check the EVGA 660ti Superclocked its $305 at amazon.
  5. If i OC this Ram am i voiding my warranty? Thanks
  6. What is the safest Voltage for this Ram? i have the 1866 and im thinking to OC this to 2400 is this thing is duable and good for 24/7? :rolleyes: Thanks
  7. i just saw a sp120 PWM, you guys think i can control this with corsair link V2?
  8. well how much OC can i make with my asrock z77 extreme4 with i5-3570k? i think the noctua is kinda expensive uhhhh. is it a lot diff between Noctua Nf-F12 and Sp120 Quiet edition?
  9. im not realy looking for heavy overclocking, maybe about just 4.0ghz for my i5-3570k. So im trying to have a quiet rig but still can manage to have good temp. Im thinking about all my fan's with sp120 quiet edition also with my h80i i just love the colored ring lol. but is it not realy good to change the stock dan with this h80i fan?
  10. is it better to change the stock fan's of h80i or not? I'm thinking about putting a corsair sp120 quiet edition.
  11. can i do this with my i5-3570k with asrock z77 extreme4. I'm looking to get 4.3 to 4.5 ghz if its possible. :)
  12. yea i heard lot of good stuff about Gt and noctua but i think they are too expensive for me haha. I'm thinking about getting SP 120 but not sure about what edition. Quiet or performance? not sure if Quiet will give good air flow for me and how loud performance edition is.
  13. I need help. I can't decide what kind of fans should i get for my 120mm Rad and 120mm Case fans. I'm looking for quiet fan's but still giving good performance and cooling for my rig. Help me out please THANKS
  14. Cooler Master Storm Scout II Mid-Tower Gaming Case Is it a good case? Thanks
  15. Ohh yea well i think i stick with TX750 and my MoBo ahaha P8Z77 is a lil out of budget haha :D I just change my mind about my case and cooler how about this? CASE: Cooler Master Storm Scout II Mid-Tower Gaming Case COOLER: Corsair Hydro Series H60 High Performance Liquid Cooling System 120MM Radiator & Fan w/ Dual Enermax Enlobal Silent High Performance 120MM Fans (Push-Pull)