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  1. I fresh installed windows 10 about a two weeks ago. My computer says that I have used 264GB of space. My C drive (the only partition that I know of) contains the following folders: Identity 0 Intel 510 kb Perflogs 0 Program files 1 GB Program Files x86 19.3 GB System.sav 1.5 MB Users 19.3 Gb Windows 15 GB Windows Old 3.03 MB Total = 55 GB It lists desktop, music, pics, docs, videos and downloads at the same level as C but I think these are all actually contained in users and are no more than 20 GB in any case. Where are the other 209 GB of used space and how do I get them back?
  2. My computer is freezing several seconds after startup, and I've done everything I know to do. It's a Windows 7 x64 custom build. It runs fine in safemode. So far I've done the following Checked Device drivers to make sure there are no exclamation points Installed and ran malware bytes (it booted once successfully after this yesterday then went back to freezing today) and a boot time virus scan in avast System restored to before windows updates were installed the last two nights. Ran Startup repair and memory test, no problems were found. If anyone has ideas I'd really prefer not to have to reinstall the OS.
  3. I did solve this BTW. I temporarily solved this problem by removing the bezel around the Keyboard giving much more air to the fan. This lasted for a few months. Then took Raiever's advice and replaced the fan with one from ebay which is quite an arduous process for this laptop unfortunately. I found that by opening the bezel I had let in tons of lint go in with the air clogging the heat exchange so on the new fan I taped a screen door screen over the top of the fan where the lint was getting in; I am sure some lint still gets through but it traps a great deal.
  4. +1 for the Phantom 410. I have white/blue. It's gorgeous, highly functional, and the fact that it's roof is pitched discourages you from putting your beer on it if your desk is messy. Also NZXT's $40 case seemed to be a stellar budget case according to the reviews I read when choosing my case.
  5. Fixed it Sam. One of graphics power chords was loose. Thanks for your help, it's great having somewhere to ask when things go wrong..
  6. It's my custom build CPU___________Intel Core i5 3570K Boxed 3.4GHz Unlocked 3rd Generation Processor Motherboard____Asus P8Z77-V Intel Z77 LGA1155 Video Card_____Saphire Radeon 7950 Case___________NZXT Phantom 410 RAM___________G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 8-8-8-24 Optical Drive____Asus 12x OEM Blu-Ray Writer PSU___________Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750M High Performance 750W Power Supply Boot HD_______120GB MonsterDigital SSD, 550 read speed, 515 write speed File HD_________Seagate Barracuda STBD2000101 2TB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Cooler_________Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus OS____________Windows 7 pro 64, I tried reseating the memory too and that didn't help.
  7. Thanks as always for your quick reply Sam. I had only pushed poked it before to check that it was in, but this time I took it out and put it back and still no dice.
  8. Hello Again Everyone After moving my desktop has stopped displaying the screen. I put it on the bottom of the moving van failing to consider that there it would receive the jounces of the road on the way and there was 1 sizable jounce over an overpass. It is not obvious that something has gone wrong during the boot. The correct lights on the motherboard are green and the windows start up chime plays. I tired plugging a laptop into the monitor and it works. I have tried connecting the desktop to the monitor via VGA and DVI and black screen.
  9. Sam it's a Lenovo W500. I have already cleaned out the fan as much as possible, unfortunately the fan assembly cannot be disassembled but I have blown it out as much as possible and determined by back lighting the grill with a flashlight that it's not significantly clogged with dust. I also changed out the thermal past with Arctic 5 I think, though I can't guarantee I did a better job than the manufacturer.
  10. Raiever, was your fan not spinning or did it spin but just not enough. Mine is spinning so it's not obvious to me that that's the problem but maybe it is. The problem has gotten worse over time.
  11. Sam I want to apologize for asking for help and then not coming back after you replied. It turned out to be a dead keyboard. I couldn't power on bc the power button didn't work.
  12. Hey all, I have a 3 year old laptop that is chronically overheating of late, and I don't know what to do about it. I have gotten a cooling pad that blows air under it. I blew out the heat exchanger as best as was possible and I am able to see that the grill is completely clear by shining a light behind it, though the fan is a bit fuzzy still. I updated bios in case that was a problem because the computer slowed down after I replaced the CMOS battery, and ran a boot time virus scan with Avast. I even removed the top cover from around the keyboard to expose the top of air intake. With all this my cpu temperatures while streaming twitch are consistently 75-90C according to speed fan. If I try to play a game such as FTL my computer overheats and shuts it's self down. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  13. My 3 year old Lenovo W500 laptop running windows 7 will not power up after completing an update. This is the second time that this has happened. The first time the lights were not showing that it was plugged in. I dissembled and resembled it but didn't find anything and it magically worked after that. This time the lights are indicating that the computer is plugged in, but nothing happens when I push the power button. The really weird part to me is that this has happened both times after completing an update. I have tried unplugging the computer and battery completely to reset the ram. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. When I built my PC and since I didn't really know what I was doing I went to cyberpowerpc.com and entered all my components into their pc customization to check for compatibility and power requirements.