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  1. I'm thinking of buying this one instead of a regular case since is unique (lol hipster) but they say it's too dusty. It doesn't even have a internal space for a watercooled system afaik. It sounds tempting, so should I?
  2. 680 in SLI is friggin awesome man. I would personally use a multiscreen setup with those gpu's
  3. CPUBoss I found it from a gaming website and its a good place to start for some serious researching on what cpu you would want, it compares specs, price, benchtests/benchmarks and gives of a score in the end.
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    I've always been using laptops both mac and windows since 2005 and I got interested into building my own pc just this year. Hoping to be more active in the next few months :D
  5. Ok I'm gonna start buying the parts the first week of march and assemble it mid-march so I might ask a lot more questions as February comes to a close. as of now: I backed up on AMD cards a bit considering they don't have PhysX on them (Most games I play have PhysX features on them so going Radeon is a no-no for now) . My next best bet are double GTX660 Ti (or 670 if I can stop spending beer money every night lol). One thing I did forget to think of is the noise level. Using only stock fans and coolers (which means no special quiet upgrades) how noisy do you think will it be? Once again I'm really sorry if I sound like a annoying yet curious guy it's just that I've always had bad luck with appliances. Almost half of everything I buy has defects on it; I'm just thankful it has warranties. Don't worry though I won't disappoint you Masterbuilder Sam I will apply everything you have thought me. :cool:
  6. Thanks a lot Sam! You actually provided more info that I could expect! From now on I'll always refer to this site when I have questions :-) The reason why I am going for a custom cooling it that the tubes are transparent. So far the only premade h2o cooling w/ transparent tubes i know is thermaltake`s bigwater but it isnt for sale yet in my country. I do know the dangers I am facing since these kinds are more prone to leaks. Also, are those featurea on Asus MBs have a counterpart on other MBs? Also I actually got carried with your first rule so I immediately focused on 1k + watt psu's lol. I checked radeon 7950's requirements and it says minimum of 500 watts its sounds dumb but basic rule of proportionality I thought I needed 1000W PSU.
  7. First of all I would like to apologize if you ever see any grammatical and spelling errors in this thread and if I ever ask TOO many questions I. History (tl;dr) My interest into building a pc ironically started from an ad from a PC Gaming site a month ago about a gaming PC building company like alienware. of course at first I got mesmerized by all the shameless advertising and did some research and found out it would be thrice awesomer, twice cheaper and a bajillion times harder to build a PC. Challenge accepted I thought to myself so I've been researching for a good long 2 months now on what items I should buy and I still have a lot of doubts and questions. I will start buying and assembling in March (summer vacation lol). I will be asking a lot of questions along the way so I won't be making any threads and make this my only thread about inquiring the parts. General Questions before I move on: What month should I buy? I've read Intel will release Ivy bridge-E this year but I do not know what month and I'm not even sure if those will fit my budget. What brands should I avoid? I would want as much as possible original products and not rip-offs. Are there any things I should take precaution? I have read that I should "ground" myself before working on computer parts. Which computer parts exactly and why? IIThe Parts CPU : 3770k or 2600 (talkin bout the i7s) - The heaviest way I would possibly stress my custom PC is running programs that take up a lot of ram and calculations at the same time. like Sony Vegas and Skyrim. So which one? MoBo- I cannot pick one. There is just so many identicals! these are the things you should know that I want in my mobo: A LOT of Ports - whether USB 2.0,3.0 PCI's , Sata's,SSD's and ports for GPU's; I have more things to plugs to plug into my MB than you could calculate (exaggeration in case you lack common sense) Strong Build - I have clumsy fingers. Not that I will shatter it to pieces in a matter of minutes but I want something that's durable Features - A BIOS that is actually understandable is what I want- oh and btw what in tarnations are these features on Asus motherboards nowadays: ASUS Hybrid Processor - TurboV EVO : - CPU Level Up ASUS EPU : - EPU ASUS Exclusive Features : - AI Suite II - Ai Charger+ - USB 3.0 Boost - Disk Unlocker ASUS EZ DIY : - ASUS O.C. Profile - ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3 - ASUS EZ Flash 2 a lot of ports - I mentioned earlier that I tend to plug a lot of stuff. Very Spacy - Its hard to put stuff in a small case Customizable - I want a "beast" look or if you are suggesting a plain design I might get it spraypainted at a local decal shop good building material - METAL. PSU: Will Hec Cougar GX1050W 80+ GOLD (Modular) do? I estimated the specs that I wanted and estimated it will cost me 2200 USD. Minus keyboard mouse and PC and screen. Looking back I feel embarrased not having the time to find the right words and phrases but I tried as much to make you understand it. Also kudos to the CPCR team. It's RARE to see asians who still build PC's (based from experience though). I live near our city's chinese district all my chinese friends have a mac. Those in my city who are still on the PC side are sadly buy branded rigs :/
  8. this is the motherboard section! not keyboard :D