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  1. I have been using an old Transcend shockproof drive for a few years now, it really does get abused (thrown about, dumped in bags etc) but has never given me an issue I am generally not a fan of Transcend products, but I would certainly get 1 again
  2. generally u have a smallish 120-256gb SSD as your boot drive to load windows and maybe an important programme or 2 (photoshop etc is what i am loading on mine) then u have a large HDD for other programmes, game and storage
  3. i have always been an xbox gamer, the only game i play on PC is the diablo series any game that is made for pc and not just a port from a console will be superior (if played on a high end machine) in the begining the next gen consoles will be right up there challenging hardcore pc gaming, but as you wont be able to upgrade etc, they will soon fall behind then again to stay upto date with a gaming pc does cost alot in the long run i am interrested to see what xbox is going to offer
  4. thanks for that looking 2x 2 or 3GB non portable drives and 1 portable unit we have the WD's here so will prob pick them up
  5. I am a photographer and have just ordered a new PC, but need some upgrades I have some old external usb2 drives that i use to back-up my photo's on, what i want to do is get a couple new external usb3 drives and transfer the data to them and then only use the new drives I cant seem to find any recommendations or benchmarks on external drives obviously i need a lot of space and reliability they do not have to be the fastest drives around but i do want to improve the speed over my usb2 drives also need to be decently priced what would you recommend? if you can give me your top 3-5 picks, as there is limited availablity of good pc parts here, and have trouble with amazon as most items will not ship to an APO Thanks
  6. could u link me to a suggested "SSD with a migration kit"
  7. well i have had endless prob trying to get my new pc, i think i hav it sorted out now, and am ordering it today have questions regarding the HDDs etc I am ordering from dell, if i get a system with only a standard HDD and order a SSD seperately, when they arrive could i easily change the OS (win8) to run from the SSD? SSD option is expensive from Dell alternative option is get the hybrid, HDD with 32gb srt SSD cache and run only the OS on that - will win8 run as fast as a seperate SSD? or should i just pay the extra and get a 256GB SSD installed by Dell? thanks again
  8. yeah thats exactly what i am worried about with windows 8, its faster but i really doubt i am gonna like the interaction, definately aimed at touch screen computing anyway this is the prebuilt system i am gonna get, anyway to tell what parts are used (MB etc)? Dell with the monitor i want
  9. I am so damn irritated!!! tried ordering my pc components but amazon wont ship half of them to an APO address, tried different configurations but they just screw me over, so now i gotta get a pre built machine from either Dell or HP ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG another question though, need personal opinions on OS, windows 7 pro 64 or windows 8 std (non pro)?
  10. hi well finally ordering my new pc parts today i have looked at the 3 cases, and would like opinions Cooler Master HAF 912 Corsair Carbide Series 200R Antec One Computer Case i like the idea of filters especially for the PSU looks-wise i like the Antec the most then the Corsair which of these would you recommend, or any other case around the same price mark? Thanks
  11. Hi I cant advise much on the build so will leave that to the pro's here the reason that i am posting is to reassure you that building a pc is not that difficult, just be gentle when installing and dont force anything the hardest part is generally software and drivers, its better to install certain drivers before others etc, but its not bad at all sure someone here could advice you correctly on that, alternatively there are loads of tutorials around
  12. jason


    Hi well i am a bit delayed in my introduction, posted (and received great feedback) a few days ago already anyway, i am Jay, from south africa but now live in dubai, and love it use to be into building pc's etc many years ago, when HDDs were only a few Mb and there were no such things as intergrated motherboards (sound, graphics etc) Building my 1st pc in well over a decade, mainly aimed at photo editing thats about all for now
  13. thanks again, now just gotta place the oder and wait :D