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  1. Titan Ultra? would be nice if that would bring down the cost of the current Titan, lol... I hope the LE is reasonably priced.
  2. I keep seeing people going crazy for those Audioengines... if I were to buy the A5+ and buy a DAC as well, would I still need a sound card? This all depends on how much money I have left, after getting both of my dogs fixed and taken care of... really hope I have enough left over. What do you think of the Swan M50W. Sam? Oh and for a headset, I'll be getting a Sennhaiser HD558... a little more money I was willing to spend but they seem worth it.
  3. Decided that I'd spend at least $300 on audio... I've been using an old 2.1 Dell speaker system(for 6 or 7 years now) I always wanted the Corsair SP2500 2.1 setup($200) and they have great reviews but I always see a lot of people complaining about them as well like the sub always blowing out and RMA costing $150... any of you know if Corsair really charge for this? Also looking at headsets... the best options to me, seem to be the Logitech G930 or possibly some monitor headsets from Audio Technica. I wanted Corsairs but again, a lot of reviewers saying they break easily. I realize though that I will need a sound card if I don't get speakers with a DAC... I might go Asus STX as I heard Creative isn't best when upgrading to new PC's? Also, I spend at least 8 hours a day at my PC and listen to music 70% of the time... bass isn't THAT important to me, especially since I'm awake when everyone is asleep. I only have my own money ONE time a year, which is why I want things that will last me. :redface:
  4. I was going to upgrade my i7 930 for Haswell... wondering if it's really even worth doing now. :\
  5. Mouth is drooling over them M&M's, lol! bring it on Asus! :D
  6. :D Assassin's Creed IV Black Flags looks awesome... I still haven't played 3! can't wait to see how the graphics look on next gen/PC.
  7. I loved Killzone 2... 3 wasn't as good as it should have been, hoping they get on track with this one. They also confirmed that all 12 of Sony's 1st party developers are working on Next Gen games, so I hope we get another Warhawk... and I hope Santa Monica studios finally works on something other than God of War. And as for Microsoft... they REALLY need to focus on exclusive games this generation, the only games I'm "kind of" interested in are Halo and Gears of War, mainly just for the co-op but they have nothing else.
  8. The Durango specs were using the same AMD CPU as the PS4 I believe or one just a bit slower and using DDR3 at 8GB or possibly even 12GB... but these "leaks" were before Sony's announcement. Killzone Shadows Fall game play on Jimmy Fallon :o it's a confirmed launch title btw. PlayStation 4 Demo of Killzone: Shadow Fall - YouTube
  9. Yeah, the PS4 specs sound pretty awesome. Killzone Shadows Fall looks great! and they developed it with the old dev kits when it only had 2GB of GDDR5(some of my non-PC gamer friends didn't believe the demo was real time, hahaha!) I can't wait to see how Watch_Dogs runs on our PC's, the developers claim the PC is lead platform and ported to everything else. Hope the XBOX Event is soon, I want to see if the Durango "leaks" are true.
  10. Heya gang. With the announcement of the PS4 and soon the Next XBOX. Are you excited about them? How do you think next gen will benefit our current gaming PC's? will our PC's finally utilize their true power or will it break them? :o lol. I'm currently unsure whether or not I should use my money on building a new PC or saving it for a PS4/Vita... I'm a sucker for Sony exclusive games. I missed an opportunity last year for a GTX 670, afraid that will happen again.
  11. #1! The Last of Us God of War: Ascension Devil May Cry reboot Deadspace 3 Crysis 3... Crytek better step up on this one, both previous games were a let down. Tomb Raider
  12. I'll try to take some pics... still don't have anything to catch good quality video unfortunately.
  13. Yeah! I have a white 600t that I decided will wait until I build a new PC later next year, I will be definitely be adding those Samsung 840 to that build... might just buy a Crucial for this PC. I bought the Noctua ages ago but never got around to installing because my case was too small, I didn't know how nice those Phanteks were until you unboxed/reviewed them, kind of regret the purchase but eh, as long as it works, lol.
  14. I'm doing a few upgrades to my PC as I saw the C70 for sale on Amazon/Newegg, was my Christmas present(yay) but how would you guys recommend I go about the fan placements? and the Noctua NH-D14? Thinking about upgrading my ram and adding an SSD as well, finally.