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  1. decks

    Cpu Question!

    ok well ill have to install windows and check that tom and let you guys know!
  2. Hey guys i just built my brother a new gaming pc and i had a quick question! the 1st time i turned on the pc everything looked good it looks like it reads everything thats plugged in, i got him the i5 2500k with the hyper 212 plus cooler, the bios reads that the cpu temps at 40 to 41 degrees Celsius. is that normal? or is it high? i was nervous with applying the thermal paste maybe that did it? just lend me your knowledgeable brains my fellow pc friends!
  3. Hey guys i was looking to upgrade my monitor and was wondering what i should get that suits gaming. should i get a monitor that is 1080p? how about ratios? 16:9 or 16:10? resolution 1920x1080 or 1920x1200? what about ms refresh rates i heard the lower the better? something like 2ms? lend me your brains and help a fella out!
  4. I pushed the CMOS button on tHe back do the mobi and that seemed to do the trick for now. Hopefully it doesn't start doing that again. And another quick question? While trying to figure this out my pc restarted and shutdown a bunch of times and even got the bsod a couple times will this cause any harm to my new pc?
  5. Ya I did most of what you said to no avail. My pc's specs are: I5-2500k CPU Gtx580 gpu Corsair 750 watt psu 8gigs corsair vengence lp Msi z68a-Gd55 mobo M4 crucial 256 gig ssd I'm not sure what it could be, the shitty part is I get no error msg or anything.
  6. Hey guys i just built my pc today but ran into a problem and hope i can get some help? i built my pc and everything should be hooked up correctly, everything is detected and works good but when i go to turn off my computer by shutting it down it shuts down and then 3 seconds later it turns its self back on again! i dont know what to do, i hope some one can please help me out.