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  2. Best Gaming PC around INR 120000

    Where do you usually get your computer hardware? I'm not quite sure what INR 120000 translates to in terms of what components you can get.
  3. I'm looking to build a gaming PC (overclockable specs) with the compatibility to edit HQ 720p and/or 1080p videos and streaming live GamePlay on Twitch and youtube. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
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  5. How do I disable Flash from Chrome Plugins?

    It got disabled since Flash was the last plugin after they deprecated NPAPI. Plus Chrome has extensions which does essentially the same thing. Now it's under chrome://settings/content. You can also find it by going to settings and searching.
  6. Hey I'm trying to follow this guide to disable Flash and disable other plugins I have, but it doesn't work. When I type in chrome://plugins I get a site cannot be reached invalid URL. Is there a setting I need to change to get to chrome://plugins?
  7. Hard drive issue

    Do you own an external USB dock? The easiest way is just to boot off HDD 2 which works then open up HDD 1 by connecting it to the dock. Hope that helps.
  8. Hard drive issue

    Hello, I had a hard drive that had win 7 on it and boot Rom want bad it wouldn't let me repair it so I had another hard drive to run win 7 but every time I have my first hard drive connected it keeps messing up. Won't read any drives but when I just have hdd 2 connected win 7 runs fine. I have lots of pictures that I need off hdd 1 any ideas. Please help.
  9. Does UPS deliver on Saturday?

    Well, according to this.... Yes.
  10. facebook com log in

    You need to contact Facebook or try the forgot your account tool.
  11. Does UPS deliver on Saturday?

    Recently ordered a bunch of parts for a friend's new build and chose the 3 day shipping option which is going to be UPS. I know FedEx will sometimes deliver on Saturday. Anyone know does UPS deliver on Saturday?
  12. facebook com log in

    help i can't log in to!! how to login?
  13. Actually did an article on this a while back. Give it a shot. If it's a no go, we can figure out other methods. You most likely connected your router under the another one which caused the one you're trying to connect to to select a new IP address. Not sure if I included that in the guide, but you can just access the old router to check that information.
  14. Looking for Specs

    Hmm... I think for reference you can check out our suggestions for gaming PC builds. The high end build would actually suit your needs quite well and be right below budget.
  15. Looking for Specs

    Ideally under 2000
  16. Looking for Specs

  17. Looking for Specs

    Looking to get a PC but unsure of the specs needed. Require output for 2 monitors, be able to handle a VR headset such as Oculus or Vive, have a blu-ray drive and have a spare PCI express slot. It also needs to be reliable. Anyone any ideas on specs?
  18. Thanks for the heads up!
  19. Title says it all. I'm trying to set up wifi on an older router and I've tried and to connect. It's not finding the router. Any ideas?
  20. Nvidia released GeForce 385.12 BETA Drivers for the Titan Xp. Download them here: Desktop Driver 32-bit: Desktop Driver 64-bit: Notebook Driver 32-bit: Notebook Driver 64-bit:
  21. Best way to stress test GPU

    I personally use a combination of 3D Mark then Furmark. 3D Mark costs money for anything beyond the most basic benchmark, which I think is fine and Furmark is free. Furmark however, is a bit controversial in that it generates a graphics load that's unrealistic in normal gaming. Whereas gaming you'll see the graphics card go from periods of high load to low load, Furmark keeps it at a high load, which is a lot more stressful. That said, if your graphics card has no issues for a few hours of that, you're pretty much good to go.
  22. What's the best way to stress test a GPU? I just got a AMD RX 580 and it's running a bit hot when I play games. Just want to make sure there's no issues later. TIA!
  23. Amazon has the MSI B350M Gaming PRO for sale for ~$70. Not a bad deal on a decent B350M chipset motherboard for those on the market. Supports AMD Ryzen. Link:
  24. Nikon D850 DSLR Product Images Leaked

    Nice camera!
  25. Best FRAPS alternative for Windows 10?

    I'm not good enough to record all that much but I just use Shadowplay. Already comes with GeForce Experience so it's already there. I believe AMD has a utility as well. Otherwise, I think MSI Afterburner has the capability too. Might as well use it if you have it.
  26. Is Aliexpress Legit?

    Bought selfie sticks and bike jerseys on there before. Took a hell of a long time to deliver each time, but they delivered. Same products as those you see on Amazon, but a lot cheaper.
  27. For the photographers out there, Nikon Rumors just leaked some product images of the upcoming Nikon D850.
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