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  2. Welcome, I am new here too, hope this place add some benefits.
  3. Usually I prefer to buy electronics from sale, so I prefer to buy from Black Friday sale, because by using these sales offers we can get quality stuff within low budget, but I need to buy any thing urgent then I prefer to buy from amazon, reecoupons and eBay.
  4. Hey everyone, I am a newbie here.
  5. I recently finished building my PC, but when I turn it on, it doesn't connect to the monitor and all the lights on the inside and outside of my case starting flashing white. However, all the pieces on the inside, such as fans, stay on while this happens. Does anyone have any idea what could possibly be happening?
  6. Hello this is my first PC build (under a $1000) and I would like your opinion and advice, and anything that can help.
  7. Hey I’m super new to pc building (like completely new) and I’m wondering what parts I should get to make a powerful but cost-effective build. Sorry if I’m super incompetent about this stuff it’s just all so new to me.
  8. Hey all, pardon if this is an easy one, but I’ve both googled and looked at as many videos as I could and I still seem to be missing something. I’ve replaced my graphics card, but ever since I have, my computer monitors won’t receive any signal. My computer will turn on, the fans will go, but absolutely no go on connecting with the monitors (can turn on and say ‘No signal,’ but that’s it), despite being properly connected by hdmi and the usual (as far as I know). I’ve tried moving the card to another PCI-e port in my motherboard, but still no changes. Here are my specs, if helpful. My computer is about 6-7 years old at this point, and I’ve never updated its main components until this card: New graphics card: Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 580, GDDR5 Past graphics card: Radeon HD 7950, 3GB DDR5 @ 384 bits motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LK power supply: 850watt Raidmax AE, 80+ Gold Certified operating System: Windows 10 All help and suggestions is appreciated. Thanks very much, all! 🙂
  9. I am looking to put an LCD monitor in my drive bay of my custom PC. I would greatly appreciate any sort of suggestions or pointers in the right direction.
  10. My new PC build, please review and advise comments. PC Build 2019
  11. The link isn't working. What's your budget for the upgrades?
  12. Hey i am a competitive fortnite player who is looking for a pc with the best possible performance but still in a reasonable price range. I don't care about the looks. I am going to record ALL my gameplay, so the pc has to be able to perform while recording and it has to be able to store my vods. I am also playing on the lowest possible settings while playing stretched to get the best performance. I have already made a custom pc build and i would like your opinion on wether i should change up some parts or not. Monitor: Custom build:
  13. Thank you for the answer Update : After looking a little bit everywhere and asked everywhere, i'll most likely build this.
  14. That motherboard will support up to an Intel Core i9-9900K. However, it would be recommended to upgrade other components so that you have a balanced system. For example, I'd recommend upgrading to an SSD first. Then depending on the application, either RAM or the graphics card before upgrading the CPU.
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