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  2. jimmylokhandwala

    Suspicious Activity emails!

    Recently I have been recently a large influx of emails from various services I have accounts on (Steam, Ubisoft, eBay)! It also provides an I.P address whenever it occurs and always leads to somewhere that is not even remotely close to where I live! Therefore I have 2 questions: 1) How would this come about? Did my details leak from a company or something more malicious?? 2) How can I sort this out?? Whilst I havent lost anything yet! I would like to prevent this... Thank you for reading and for replies!
  3. Hey, I bought a dash cam with this mini USB port, but I don't know how to use it. It seems a mini USB AB port, and their customer service said it was a spare port used for engineering test, not for charging. Does anyone know the name of this port and the reason why it exist? Thanks 😉
  4. My build is here: I have a dual boot of Windows 8.1 and 10 Pro. Windows 10 Pro updated and ever since it has been flashing/blinking off and on whether it's boot up normal and/or safe mode. In Windows 8.1 it boots up normal. I also change out the graphic card thinking that may be the issue but the replacement does the same. Thanks in advance for any assistance that is provided.
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  6. Hi there - big amateur here! Looking to pick up a budget gaming pc, and this one is going (used) locally for 130USD: Rightmove Kijiji Quizlet AMD fx6300 processor, 4x2gb sticks of ddr3 ram, gigbyte 780-usb3 motherboard, msi GTX 570 GPU, antec neo 550w power supply and CD ROM drive. Will this do the job for some med. settings Fortnite CS:Go etc.? And is the price right? I'm curious whether that motherboard is compatible with Windows 10, and whether in the future I'll find I can upgrade any of the components to squeeze better performance out of it... Cheers! Perhaps you have an alternative recommendation that is equally super cheap but better performance.
  7. Wild i9-9900K benchmark appeared! What will r/buildapc do? Prepare the pokeball. No idea if these are legit but I was under the impression it auto-detects system specs before uploading benchmarks. TLDR: 7% Gainz vs. Intel i7-8700K 16% Gainz vs. Ryzen 7 2700X For reference, i7-8700K has 9% advantage over Ryzen 7 2700X. Ryzen has 22% cheaper price than 8700K, 50% cheaper than 9900K
  8. It might be a noob question but I was planning to get G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16gb 3200Mhz for my Ryzen 2700X and I found this particular postAkinator Xender Kik What does it mean? What's the diference? Does it mean that normal trident z rgb sticks will run at lower speed and never hit 3200Mhz due to incompatibility with ryzen? Thanks.
  9. jimmylokhandwala

    Which 1080 Ti to buy?

    Current rig is an i7 6700k water cooled, gigabyte M170 mobo, 16Gb RAM with two empty slots, Samsung 500Gb SSD, PSU is a Corsair 850 or 950 (at work so I can’t check). Current GPU is an Asus R9 290, which has been good but was never amazing. Monitor is OLD Samsung syncmaster that works and still looks good. I will be looking to upgrade it later. Looking at 1080 Ti’s the prices are kind of all over the place. Obviously with my monitor I’m not even going to be pushing it’s limits but as stated above I’ll upgrade my monitor later. Is there a bang for buck GPU?
  10. So not sure if anyone saw My post yday but I had a lot of trouble getting my Mobo (Asus Maximus Rog 390) to align with the 570x corsair case. After about 1.5 hours I was only able to get it into a position where the top holes were off my a couple MM, but I was able to easily screw in holes on the board without stress. I noticed as I was trying to do this i slightly scratched the edge of the holes and saw come copper, will this be an issue? or will I have to find out when I turn it on? I don't get my processor until probably next week (9900k).
  11. Hello! I'm considering upgrading my CPU, because i find my CPU using 100% very often and easy games like League Of Legends freeze from time to time. Is there any other possibility of my high CPU usage? Or is it just too old to cope with different stuff? And any cheap upgrades? I'm a student and cant afford much.. I also got a gtx 770 Graphics card, but i got the 1050 from a friend who didnt need it anymore. not really an upgrade but a newer one atleast. Thanks! Here is my specs: CPU: Intel Core i5 4670K @ 3.40GHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ASUS Motherboard: MSI Z87-G45 GAMING (MS-7821) (SOCKET 0) 16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3
  12. Hi, I’ll be using my PC only for gaming. In my price range and region the only available options are as follows: Corsair VS650 80+ EU FSP Hydro GE 650W 80+ Gold I heard the Corsair isn’t one of the better models and uses cheaper components. Rest of the system is as follows: MSI B450 Tomahawk AMD Ryzen 5 2600 NOCTUA NH-L9x65 SE AM4 MSI GTX 1080 Gaming 8gb Kingston Hyper X Predator 16gb Seagate Barracuda 2tb Corsair 120gb SSD 2x NOCTUA NF-F12 2x NOCTUA NF-S12B I know FSP isn’t a no-name brand but I also know very little about their products. What’s the smarter choice here?
  13. jimmylokhandwala

    Rainbow 6 Siege or Black Ops 4

    I’ve seen a lot of people playing R6S lately and thought about giving if a try. But on the other hand I also tried the Black Ops beta and had a blast. I’m not too concerned with the price difference and I want something I can casually play and stream down the next few months in addition to Fallout and Hitman 2 next month.
  14. jimmylokhandwala

    Time for a new HDD?

    My hard drive (2 TB 7200 RPM Toshiba HDWD120) is about 2 years old, but I'm worried it may be failing. When I'm loading big games such as WoW, it makes a low, grumbling noise. It's hard to describe, but it's not quite grinding. I'll try to record it, but I doubt my phone's mic will pick it up. I ran CrystalDiskInfo and it returned a "good" status. Is it time to replace? VidMate AnyDesk If so, what hardware will I need to buy in addition to the new HDD to get it done (transfer data and replace) properly?
  15. Trying to research what motherboard to buy for a new system build. Seems the only problem with Gigabyte is the bad user experience in the bios? Otherwise seems like VRM is solid on Aorus line and elite is the cheapest Aorus. Is it the best bet for not wasting money on bells and whistles? Anything better in a similar price range?UC browser SHAREit MX player
  16. jimmylokhandwala

    Get i5 8400 or wait for i5 9400?

    I am planning to build a PC now. My Core i5 760 died few days back. In my country the i5 8400 is going for $290 and good B360 board like MSI B360M Bazooka is going for $170 (USD Exchange rate hike is killing on top). I heard that new 9th gen processors have hardware level Spectre and Meltdown mitigation. So I was thinking of waiting for i5 9400. Maybe Intel processors price also go down by then. Looks like processor price hike is global. What do you guys suggest? All suggestions welcome. Bluestacks TextNow VPN
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  18. I've been trying to fix this for god knows how long know and my headphones used to work fine but now when i plug them in windows doesn't recognize them at all and it doesn't show up on the audio manager and i've tried literally every solution from rebooting to opening realtek hd audio manager to disable front panel jack detection and not even finding the advanced Rightmove Kijiji Quizlet settings on there, please help..
  19. Hi So i've built my PC from pieces i've bought. So i have AMD Ryzen 2700x (processor), MSI X370 (motherboard), Corsair vengeance LPX DDR4 2x8 GO (RAM), Be Quiet Power 10 700W(power supply) and here is the issue i had an old Graphic Card an AMD HD 7970, i thought about using it as a temporary GC before buying a better one. But once i've built everything, the PC starts, but nothing is displayed on the monitor. I've checked on the Internet, and kinda freaked out (the motherboard is dead, RAM doesn't work), so after spending the night stressing out, i've called the shop i bought the pieces from and they told me that's because my GC was too old and not compatible with my Motherboard. So i asked why then it's not working when i connect the HDMI to the motherboard.Tutuapp 9apps showbox It appears that my Motherboard and my processor don't have any graphic controller and i need a more recent GC. I'd like to have your opinion about this guys, for me it's coherent, moreover i've tried several thing and it never works. i'm not too bad in computing but not being all-knowing, i'd like to see if you have any other ideas or what the guy told me on the phone is the solution.
  20. . I really want a walkstation (standing desk with a treadmill) but you can't use it all day, you need to sit and take breaks eventually (for me, about every 2 hours). So having one desk doesn't really work because you'd need a super wide desk and some way to slide your monitors from the right to left side of the desk.Nox Showbox Mobdro But then the idea hit me: have two desks. One for walking and one for sitting.i want to be able to play games at both, though fps games would only be while sitting, but wow and factorio both work while walking. I've tried this already and know it. Anyway, does anyone know of a box I could buy that would let me use one connection out of my PC and connect it to two different monitors? The idea being that while sitting, the standing monitors are off and idle, and then I can push a button and switch my desktop to the standing monitors and leave the sitting ones off. Or maybe some of you can come up with better ideas. I really don't want to build another gaming rig. I only need the one. I just can't figure a way to make it all work that doesn't suck. 😕 Thanks.
  21. So, here I have this PC. Works fine, everything works fine besides one major problem, there's some random (really fucking random) shut downs, but they ALWAYS happen when opening a game or running GPU benchmarks. This has been happening since forever, but before it was after 5, 6 good hours of gaming, now it's after 10 seconds, or like 1 second when doing GPU benchmarks. My question is, GPU fails don't shut down or re-boot PC, right? I could see the program crashing and the screen turning off, but the entire PC and Windows shut shutting down seems off to me, but I might wrong.Rufus MapQuest UpToDate My theory is, trash PSU I found on the street is not working anymore. 99% sure is the PSU, since PC dies when doing power intensive shit like gaming. For some reason, video and audio rendering, things that push my CPU to it's limits, never gave a problem, but general use of my DAW and video editing programs has been an issue, like gaming before, after a few hours it usually shut down, but not always. That's some more context if anyone wants help identify the problem, I'm pretty sure it's the PSU but I might be wrong here.
  22. jaisonsharma

    GPU Issue? New build help!

    My friend is building a PC and has everything together but no signal on the monitor. GPU fans are spinning and everything. System is a Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB RAM, MSI Armor RX 580 8GB, 600W PSU, ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Motherboard Is there something with the graphics card that's incompatible with the motherboard? (UEFI vs Bios?) We can't figure out why there's no signal, can't boot it to install Windows or anything Facebook Netflix Skype
  23. Goodmorning guys, hi to everyone. I'm Luigi and I'm approaching my first year of PhD in Aerospace and Astronautical Engineering. I've had a custom Alienware desktop, bought 11 years ago, with the following specifications: Intel i7 920 @2.67 GHz 9GB RAM GeForce GTX 660 (changed from 260) 2x SSD etc This computer worked wonderfully for the whole period and was able to perform decently my computations until now. I'm facing the issue that I'm starting my PhD in Orbit Optimization and, therefore, I need a really badass pc that is able to perform calculations really fast (sometimes we need to test propagation and convergencies for 8+ hours, let's say Matlab is the main tool we use but in the truth we use private compilers which are more powerful but also need more energy) Moreover, I also need a good setup in order to render in Solidworks/CATIA and similar programs If the custom you're going to suggest me is also able to let me play sometimes some games (Shadow of the tomb raider, Assassin's creed, for example), then it's better :) My budget can go as high as 3000€. Thank you for your help!
  24. nwgilbert

    PC Build for Server - Advice Please!

    Is this board still active? Still haven't had a response:-( I've been working with my friend on putting together a better build based on those 2 above. We have come together with the following build. Can someone please let me know thoughts? Whether to change anything in the above or whether it is good as it is? Also, to make sure it is all compatible. Thank you in advance for any advice anyone can offer! CASE: CPU: MOTHERBOARD: POWER SUPPLY: SSD: RAM:
  25. Hello Everyone, I'm looking to switch from console to PC gaming and would like to build my own gaming PC. Have been doing some research online but wanted some feedback on what I came up with. I am trying to stay in the $500 range but would like a build where I can easily update or add components in the future. This is what I came up with: Rosewill ATX Mid Tower Case $80 Ryzen 3 2200G Processor $100 Gigabyte GA-AX370 Motherboard $85 Seagate 1TB Barracuda SATA $45 EVGA 500B1 Power Supply $40 Crucial DDR4 2400 8GB RAM $80 ASUS 24x DVD-RW $22 ASUS VS228H-P Monitor $100 Devastator 3 Keyboard $40 *Also looked at the Gigabyte GTX 1050 for $140 but was hoping I could get away with the onboard graphics of the Ryzen processor. Will these components work together? Anything missing? Should I upgrade or downgrade anything? Pretty casual gamer, but at the same time I don't want to be limited by what I can play. Thanks for taking the time to read this, look forward to your feedback.
  26. Hi, Here’s a quick overview of what we are trying to achieve… I am looking for a PC build which will act as our server for a new bidding system to be used at fundraising events. We run auctions at fundraising events which are held at hotels. We are looking to display up to 100 tablets for guests to view our website (pre-loaded on the devices by us). The website contains live bidding information, which continually changes and should be updated across all devices in real-time. We are looking for a PC built that will be the server that runs this system. It needs to be reliable since it is powering a server that will have 100 devices connected at once. Real-time speed is important. Couple of guys have given me slight guidance on a pc build - here it is: BUILD 1 PROVIDED BY DEVELOPER • CPU: Intel BX80684I78700 8th Gen Core i7-8700 Processor 325 • CASE: Cooler Master Elite 110 Computer Case 'Mini-ITX, USB 3.0, Mesh Side Panel' RC-110-KKN2 35 • MOTHERBOARD : ASUS Intel 1151 Socket Z370 Chipset Prime A D4 ATX Motherboard - Black 147 • SSD: Samsung 250 GB 860 EVO Sata III 64L V NAND Solid State Drive,MZ-76E250B/EU 58 • RAM : Corsair CMK8GX4M2B3000C15 Vengeance LPX 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR4 3000 MHz C15 XMP 2.0 High Performance Desktop Memory Kit, Black 95 • PSU : Corsair CP-9020131-UK TXM Series 750 W TX750M ATX/EPS Semi-Modular 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply Unit - Black PSU : 90 Total £750 BUILD 2 PROVIDED BY FRIEND • CPU Intel BX80684I78700 8th Gen Core i7-8700 Processor • CASE: UNDECIDED – Not yet included • MOTHERBOARD : ASRock H310M-HDV/M.2 - mATX Motherboard for Intel Socket 1151 CPUs • SSD: Crucial MX500 CT500MX500SSD1(Z) 500 GB Internal SSD (3D NAND, SATA, 2.5 Inch) • RAM : HyperX HX426C16FB2/8 8 GB 2666 MHz DDR4 CL16 DIMM 1.2 V 288-Pin Memory Kit, Black • PSU : Corsair CP-9020101-UK CX450M 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply Unit Total £584 (not including cost of SSD Crucial MX500 as I already have one) Thank you in advance for your time and help with this. I look forward to hearing from anyone that can help!
  27. Tibalteh

    New Gaming PC

    Hi there :) First of all, thanks to anyone affording to read, an even bigger thank to anyone trying to help, and sorry about my english, I'm not a native !... Here is a config' I am thinking about, that will probably be ordered from and built by Overclockers (anyone having feedback regarding their services ? Never had a PC built in UK before, I'm not sure who to go with...) Its main use would be for gaming 1080p, from not too demanding games such as Dota 2 (where I'd like to achieve a stable 144 FPS, ultra settings in any circumstances), to slightly more demanding ones such as WoW (where I would aim for slightly less, maybe 110 FPS hopefully, ultra settings also), and maybe some of the latest games, although I might have to be happy with ~60 FPS and reducing graphics settings a tad. Any comments / recommendations would be much appreciated ! You can even yell at me if there's particularly stupid stuff there, or if I forgot something essential or whatever xD For example, I'm not certain the case is appropriated to what it will contain. Also, I wonder if that case and Air CPU Cooling are good enough for an i5-8600K overclocked to 4.7GHz ... (I will soon move from my current location and I have no clue of what temperature will be the room that rig will be in). I am yet to find a low end decent 144Hz 24 inches monitor (No G-Sync, I dont think I can afford, and main use being for Dota, WoW, Lol... I expect my FPS to be bang on 144. Maybe xD). Anyone happy with his low end 144Hz 24 inches monitor, please let me know ! :) Here are the specs : GPU : KFA2 GeForce GTX 1060 EX OC 6GB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card............£269,99 (Bundle MOBO / CPU / CPU Cooler / RAM) -...................................................................... £600,20 MOBO : Asrock Z370 Intel Core i5-8600K 3.6GHz (Coffee Lake) Oerclocked @ 4.7GHz Socket LGA1151 Processor CPU Cooler (Air) : Alpenfohn Matterhorn Black CPU Cooler - 120mm RAM : Vulcan T-Force 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 PC4-24000C16 3000MHz Dual Channel Kit PSU : Cougar GX-S 650W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply …......................................................£72,95 SSD : Samsung 250GB 860 EVO SSD 2.5" SATA 6Gbps 64 Layer 3D V-NAND …...............£59,99 HDD : Seagate 1TB BarraCuda 7200rpm 64MB Cache …......................................................£38,99 OS : Microsoft Windows 10 64-Bit DVD - OEM........................................................................£99,95 CPU Cooling paste : Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound (3.5g) …............................................£6,49 FANS : 1x Corsair ML120 Pro LED White 120mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan ...........£19,99 2x Corsair ML120 Pro LED Blue 120mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan ….........£39,98 (£19,99 x2) Wifi : AC1300 Wireless Dual Band PCI Express ......................................................................£39,95 CASE : CoolerMaster MasterBox Q300P RGB Micro-ATX Case - Black Window …...............£64,99 Total : £1313,47 Thanks again to those who made it until the end, and thanks a lot for your time if you do help ! Cheers !
  28. sam.chen

    Can I Transfer Files Using Chrome Remote Desktop?

    Unfortunately, that's not something that Chrome Remote Desktop supports. If it's your own PC, you could install Google Drive or Dropbox. I use that with my PCs. If I accidentally save something on my desktop, I just throw it into a Google Drive folder and it'll sync right away with the remote PC I'm using. You could also use the web interface as well. I think that's probably the easiest method. Other methods I can think of probably is to email it to yourself if it's a small enough file or if you're on someone else's computer, you could email it to them. If all else fails, you could also use TeamViewer for a file transfer if you really need to.
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