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Tegra x1 chip

CES 2015: Nvidia Showcases Tegra X1 Mobile Superchip, Drive CX and Drive PX

Although it’s unfortunate that Nvidia didn’t reveal any new graphics products at CES 2015, Nvidia did have a huge showing at this year which revolved around their latest Tegra X1, which promises to combine desktop...


GTC 2013: Nvidia Logan and Parker Next Generation Tegra Architectures

In addition to revealing their updated GPU roadmap, Nvidia recently also revealed an updated Tegra roadmap which includes a couple new Tegra mobile SoCs. The first upcoming Tegra SoC on the roadmap is called Tegra Logan (Tegra ...


CES 2013: Nvidia Tegra 4, Project SHIELD Gaming Console Hands On, First Impressions

Among the most popular introductions at this year’s CES was the Nvidia Project Shield, which is Nvidia’s newest Tegra 4 powered gaming console. This introduction is exciting in a number of ways. The first is that Nv...