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June 14, 2012

Intel Ivy Bridge i3 Processors Coming End of June

We’ve already seen Intel’s mid to high end Ivy Bridge processors, but for those who aren’t interested in dropping the $200+ for the privilege, you might just be in luck soon enough. According to a recent report by Focus Taiwan, Intel Taiwan has suggested that Intel’s 3rd Generation Core i3 processors may begin shipping at the end of this month.

“The Intel 3rd-generation Core i3 processor will be available after June 24,” Intel’s Taiwan branch said in a statement

Additionally according to the article, Intel is still committed to their goal made at Computex 2011 of switching 40% of the consumer notebook market to [...]

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June 13, 2012

Intel Phasing Out Sandy Bridge in September

According to a recent report by DigiTimes, Intel is expected to be phasing out older generation Sandy Bridge processors starting September once dual core Ivy Bridge processors begin to ship. Sources from the notebook industry are hoping that the phase out of Sandy Bridge processors will cause consumers to replace their PCs just in time for back-to-school sales in September.

That said, Intel is still committed to producing Sandy Bridge processors to meet demand until their eventual phase out. As of right now, Sandy Bridge processors are still a bit cheaper than their Ivy Bridge counterparts; however, prices for Ivy Bridge processors are expected to drop in September to [...]

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June 2, 2012

Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H Motherboard Review

Mid-Range Price, High End Features

Only introduced a couple of months ago, Z77 boards have become all the hype these days. Sporting all the features of the Z68 chipset and a bit more, the Z77 chipset is looking to kick things up a notch with native USB3.0 support (up to 4) , Rapid Start for faster boot times, Smart Connect to keep web pages refreshed while your computer sleeps, and more. Of course, for many of these features such as native USB 3.0 support, an Ivy Bridge processor is required; however, Z77 motherboards will have full support for any LGA 1155 CPU, so both Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge processors will apply.

Today we’ll be doing reviewing Gigabyte’s new [...]

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May 3, 2012

Boutique PC Manufacturers Update to Ivy Bridge

With the recent release of Intel’s new 22nm Ivy Bridge CPUs, boutique computer manufactures such as Alienware, Digital Storm, Maingear and many others have updated to the new silicon and plunged in on to the opportunity to be the best on the block. As an update to the Sandy Bridge processors, the new Ivy Bridge processors boast lower power consumption, a die shrink, and higher performance.

The update will affect both laptops and desktops ranging from thin and light 11″ notebooks to high end gaming desktops. Interested in what the companies have to say about their updated products? More details [...]

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April 29, 2012

Intel Ivy Bridge i5 and i7 Processors Available for Sale

While Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors have launched more than a couple days ago, the processors themselves have been nowhere to be found until now.

Popular online retailer retailer Newegg recently made available the new processors for purchase, but as you may imagine they will probably be limited in quantity, so order yours quickly before they go!

Intel Core i5-3450 Intel Core i5-3450S Intel Core i5-3550 Intel Core i5-3570K Intel Core i7-3770 Intel Core i7-3770S Intel Core i7-3770K
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April 22, 2012

Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge Processors – Let’s Get Small, Again Teaser

For most of us, it’s already 4/23/2012, which means that Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors should be coming shortly. As you all know, with every great product comes a great teaser, so here it is – Let’s Get Small, Again! (No joke. That’s the title.)

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April 17, 2012

Intel Core i7 3770K (Ivy Bridge) Overclocked to 6.616 GHz

Ivy Bridge overclocking might royally suck on air, but Chinese overclocker x-powerx800pro is about to show us how boss Ivy Bridge overclocking is with a more… exotic solution.

Taking a look at some of the screenshots posted over at EXP Review,  x-powerx800pro was able to take his Intel Core i7 3770K all the way up to 6.616GHz using a 63x multiplier and a base clock of 105.03MHz. What’s super cool though is the fact that the high clock speed was achieved with a core voltage of 1.056v! Oh why thank you 22nm technology! For reference, it typically takes Sandy Bridge (i5 2500K / i7 2600K) processors 1.5v or higher to just to reach [...]

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April 15, 2012

Intel’s Ivy Bridge Core i7 3770K Retail Box Leaked – TDP Raised to 95W?

Up until recently, we had high expectations for Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge processors. What kind of expectations? Improved graphics, lower TDP, better clock for clock performance, and of course better overclocking ability.

Lately however, it seems like rumors of the new processors have taken a turn for the worse. A couple days ago we saw rumors that the i7 3770K was a worse overclocker (on air) than the current generation Sandy Bridge processors and today, we’re seeing leaked images of the i7 3770K with the box specifications listing the processor at a 95w TDP. Since we were expecting the i7 3770K to be introduced with a TDP of 77w, a 95w TDP is quite a big [...]

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April 14, 2012

Rumor: Intel Cutting Prices on Yet to be Released Ivy Bridge Processors

If you’ve ever taken an business class, you’ll know that most companies will set their prices high at first then adjust them as time moves on. This is a smart move since it allows companies to milk early adopters, compensate for unexpected issues, and may also also give their product a sense of exclusivity. After all, I can’t imagine what a PR nightmare it’d be to raise the prices on a product because you set it too low at first. Eeek! Additionally, when prices are finally cut later on, it drives a huge wave of sales since customers who previously weren’t able to afford the product will now go purchase it.

However, according to a [...]

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April 12, 2012

Rumor: Ivy Bridge Launch Date, April 23

More details on the release date of the Intel’s new lineup of 22nm Ivy Bridge processors have been leaked by Cnet and DigiTimes. Both reports are suggesting that release is scheduled for April 23 (moved up from the previous rumor of the 29th).

The new Ivy Bridge processors will feature a  die shrink to 22nm and will be equipped with Intel’s new 3D transistor technology, which “flips” the transistors on its side. This technology will create more space for more transistors and as we all know more transistors typically translates into more processing power as well. Many of the top OEM computer manufactures are rumored to unveil [...]

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April 11, 2012

Rumor: Apple’s Updated 15″ MacBook Pro Coming this Month

The refreshed MacBook Pro 15″ notebook carrying Intel’s new 22nm Ivy Bridge processors may arrive as early as this month with the 13″ and 17″ models following shortly. According to Apple Insider, Apple’s order of 200,000 15″ MacBook Pros are being produced this month. The refreshed 15″ MacBook Pros are rumored to be carrying Intel’s new Core i7 3820QM and Core i7 3720QM, which feature Intel’s new HD 4000 graphics. Considering Intel’s main focus with Ivy Bridge is to increase integrated graphics performance while lowering TDP, the 2012 15″ MacBook Pro carrying the [...]

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April 10, 2012

Rumor: Ivy Bridge Bad Overclocker?

According to a recent post over at OBR-Hardware, retail Ivy Bridge CPUs are apparently worse overclockers than current Sandy Bridge chips! While the older E0 stepping 8 Ivy Bridge CPUs were good overclockers, the E1 stepping 9 chips, which happen to be the ones shipping to retail, are noticeably worse. In fact, the poster refers to the Ivy Bridge E1 (Core i7 3770K) as “total shit”.

The poster further advises owners of current generation Sandy Bridge CPU who are overclocking on air not to upgrade. They are also specifically citing that it’s the first time in a decade they’ve recommended “on air” overclockers to not upgrade to a newer [...]

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