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July 22, 2016

Nvidia Unexpectedly Unleashes Pascal Titan X and It’s a Beast

Nvidia recently surprised the tech world by revealing their brand new Pascal architecture based Titan X graphics card not at a Nvidia press event or a technology tradeshow, but rather at an AI meetup at Stanford University. After a presentation by Baidu Chief Scientist Andrew Ng, Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun Huang unexpectedly presented Ng with the new Titan X carrying an inscription that described Ng as “a pioneer, an amazing scientist, and a hero to us all.”

Despite the launch of the Pascal Titan X being quite unexpected, the beast-like specs of the Pascal Titan X is almost exactly as you’d expect. It’s insane.

While [...]

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July 6, 2016

AMD Aims to Reduce RX480 Power Consumption With Upcoming Graphics Driver

AMD will be releasing a new driver that addresses “power gate” plaguing its Radeon RX 480 graphics card.

The AMD RX 480 made headlines not only with its leap in performance but also with its notoriety in excessive power consumption. According to several review sites, the RX 480 consumes more power than its rated Thermal Design Power (TDP). Concerns also stirred when testing showed that the reference card needed an 8-pin power connector instead of a 6-pin and that the card was drawing more power from the PCIe slot than the standard 75W it’s designed to supply.

AMD has claimed several times that it can be fixed with a driver update. [...]

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July 5, 2016

Memory Unlock Mod for AMD Radeon RX 480 Can Double Your Memory Capacity

Some early adopters of AMD’s Radeon RX 480 graphics card have reported that their 4GB model actually comes with 8GB of physical memory installed. This raised the question of whether the additional memory can be accessed via a software hack. AMD addressed this in an AMA on Reddit, stating that some press samples can be unlocked by flashing the card’s BIOS.

Turns out that wasn’t the case. The gurus at TechPowerUp managed to unlock a retail card using the BIOS. They first extracted the BIOS of the 8GB model using the ATIFlash, then flashed it onto the 4GB model. The BIOS image can be found here.

If you purchased an AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB, [...]

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June 29, 2016

AMD Radeon RX480 Possibly Exhibiting Excessive Power Draw on PCIe

Just hours after the launch of AMD’s newest graphics card, several reviewers have reported that the AMD Radeon RX480 is drawing too much power from the PCIe slot due to the inadequate power supplemented by the 6-pin PCIe connector.

Tom’s Hardware has reported that the Radeon RX480 drew 86W through the motherboard’s x16 PCIe slot in their power consumption breakdown. This exceeds the typical 75W power limit of the x16 PCIe slot. On average, the Radeon RX480 drew 164W in total, a figure replicated by many other sources. Tom’s Hardware suggests that an 8-pin power connector should replace the 6-pin power connector currently installed on [...]

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June 13, 2016

AMD Unveils Radeon RX 470, RX 460 Graphics Cards At PC Gaming Show

Ever since AMD showed off its Radeon RX 480 at Computex 2016, gamers have been eagerly waiting to see the rest of its lineup. And what better place to show off the whole family than the gaming event dedicated to PC gamers?

At the AMD sponsored PC Gaming show, AMD CEO Lisa Su unveiled some additional members of the RX 400 series graphics cards. Newly joining the RX 480 is the RX 470 and the RX 460.

Nothing was said about the RX 470 besides that it would target 1080p gaming at 60Hz. Based on that bit of info alone, it’s a good guess that it will be powered by the Polaris 10 GPU. Since the RX 460 was announced to carry a TDP of >75W, we can also [...]

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April 14, 2016

AMD Polaris 10, Polaris 11 TDP Revealed

AMD has repeatedly emphasised that its next generation GPUs are going to provide unparalleled efficiency and performance, and now we get a rough idea of just how much they mean.

According to Benchlife, the upcoming R9 480 series graphics card will be using the “Ellesmere” GPU based on the Polaris 10 architecture. The article states that not only will it be fully capable of running DX12 titles at 1440p, it will have a TDP of around 100W. That’s a huge drop from the R9 380, which uses the Tonga GPU with a TDP of 190W.

Alongside Ellesmere, Benchlife has also mentioned the “Baffin” GPU based on the Polaris 11 architecture. Baffin will [...]

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April 8, 2016

Rumor: AMD To Release R9 490X and R9 490 in June

We’ve seen the signs, and we’ve smelled the blood. AMD is going to war in 2016.

According to, who pulled the info off of an article from HardwareBattle that’s locked behind a paywall, AMD is looking to release its performance GPUs in June. With Computex taking place at the end of May, it’s almost guaranteed that AMD will seize the opportunity and show off its new cards to the fullest.

Interestingly, the article claims that the R9 490X and the R9 490 will not be a rebrand of AMD’s Fury X and Fury cards but instead will be built using the Polaris 10 architecture. The Polaris architecture marks AMD’s 4th generation [...]

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January 1, 2016

AMD’s Next GPU Architecture to be Named Polaris

AMD has supposedly released the codename for its next generation GPU architecture. According to leaks site Videocardz, AMD’s Polaris architecture will succeed AMD’s aging GCN architecture in 2016.

According to AMD’s previously released roadmap, AMD’s GPUs are expected to see huge leaps in both performance and efficiency in 2016 thanks to the new 14nm FinFET LPP node it’s expected to be manufactured on. Furthermore, its GPUs will focus on bringing better image quality through the use of high-dynamic range rendering. It will also support a slew of new standards including HDMI 2.0a and the next revision of DisplayPort.


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November 14, 2015

Add-in Board Graphics Market Saw 26% Increase in Q3 2015

According to a report compiled by Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the Add-in graphics card market saw an overall increase in Q3 2015 with AMD gaining market share.

The report was compiled using statistics of Add-in cards such as desktop graphics cards and not integrated or mobile graphics. The report specified that the shipment data tracked are products sold directly to customers as after-market products or factory installed.

The report stated that the shipment of AIBs in Q3 2013 improved by 27.6%. JPR suggested that this increase was caused by the introduction of AMD’s Fury series graphics card and the announcement of Nvidia’s Pascal GPU. While the [...]

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September 30, 2015

AMD Releases Tonga XT Based Embedded Graphics Solution

AMD has just announced a new line-up of graphics solutions to be used in embedded systems. Among them is the E8950 MXM based on the highly-anticipated Tonga XT GPU, giving us a taste of the desktop Tonga XT GPU that’s surely to follow soon.

The E8950MXM is AMD’s most powerful embedded graphics solution released to date. It features 32 Compute Units based on the GCN 1.2 architecture, 8GB of memory, 256 bit memory bus, and a maximum scalable TDP of 95W. AMD says that the E8950 can perform a peak of 3 TFLOPS (Tera Floating Operations Per Second) in single precision data .

Designed to be used for GPGPU compute and with embedded 4K applications, the [...]

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September 16, 2015

TSMC Wins Exclusive Rights to Manufacture Nvidia’s Pascal GPU

Looks like the bidding war is finally over between Samsung and TSMC. According to an article posted by Business Korea, Nvidia has once again selected TSMC as the manufacturer of its next generation Pascal GPU. It was previously speculated that both Samsung and TSMC will co-produce Pascal, but that may affect the consistency of the product.

Samsung and TSMC have been at each other’s throats to win over Nvidia’s production contract for its Pascal GPU. Based in Taiwan, TSMC has been a close partner with Nvidia for over 20 years. Due to development issues with TSMC 16nm FinFET technology, it was uncertain whether or not Nvidia would be confident [...]

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September 14, 2015

Rumor: AMD R9 380X Incoming, Leaked XFX Design

According to the Chinese tech site EXPReview, the AMD R9 380X is headed towards the market and XFX has already got a card to ship. This is unsurprising considering how AMD still needs a card to fill its 1080p performance market.

The supposed XFX R9 380X depicted above uses a dual-fan cooling solution with removable fans for easy cleaning.

If the rumour is true, then the R9 380X will most likely use AMD’s Antigua Pro GPU, which should be a re-brand of the full Tonga GPU used on the R9 285. EXPReview has speculated that the Antigua Pro may also be a re-brand of the R9 280X, but that seems unlikely as the Antigua GPU used for the R9 380 is already [...]

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