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September 21, 2016

AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.9.2 Drivers for Forza Horizon 3

Earlier today, we reported on NVIDIA releasing their Game Ready drivers for GeForce graphics cards in time for the release of Forza Horizon 3: Ultimate Edition, which launches tomorrow (pre-loads available now). AMD has answered back with their own driver updates in the form of the Radeon Software Crimson Edition 19.9.2 which are tailored for Forza Horizon 3.

Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.9.2

Along with support for the new title, the latest drivers also include a number of fixes for issues which users may have faced with previous version, these include the following:

Fixed Issues

Intermittent mouse cursor corruption may be experienced on some Radeon RX [...]
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September 20, 2016

Global GPU Market Expected to Surpass 67.71 Million Units by 2020

According to a recent report from Infiniti Research, the global GPU market is expected to surpass 67.71 million units by 2020.

Although hardly surprising, driving growth of the GPU market will be due in large part to the increasing adoption of integrated GPUs especially in notebooks which has accounted for more than 63% of total marketshare in 2015. Intel has been bundling their integrated GPUs with their mainstream processors for years in both desktop and notebook parts while AMD’s APUs have become one of their best selling products in both the desktop and notebook space which offers excellent value proposition for budget and midrange systems.

For [...]

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September 14, 2016

AMD Bundling Battlefield 1 Upgrade Codes with Radeon RX 480 Graphics Cards

Today it was revealed that AMD is preparing a new promotion with its Radeon RX 480 graphics cards, partnering with EA to bundle upgrade codes for DICE’s  Battlefield 1 game. Starting today, eligible RX 480 purchases in select markets will receive an Origin code which upgrade Battlefield 1 Standard Edition ($59.99)  purchases to the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition ($79.99).

The upgrade works as promo code, which you’d add to the cart during checkout, which will reduce the BF1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition to the price of the Standard Edition. If redeemed after launch, you’ll simply receive the Digital Deluxe Edition of [...]

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September 13, 2016

Rumor: AMD Zen “Summit Ridge” CPU Coming February 2017

Word has it that AMD’s new flagship desktop CPU will hit the market in February 2017. Although we’ve heard previous rumors that Zen would be delayed from 4Q2015 to 1Q2016, this is the first time we’ve heard news of a possible release month.

Code-named “Summit Ridge”, the new silicon is set to be a hallmark in AMD’s CPU development history. It packs 8 cores/16 threads built using GlobalFoundries’ 14nm FinFET transistors. The new architecture has a huge facelift compared to Bulldozer that can potentially bump the IPC by up to 40% and massively improves power efficiency.

Complementing the new CPU [...]

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September 12, 2016

Deal Alert: Grab a Saphire NITRO Radeon R9 Fury 4GB Graphics Card for $309.99

AMD’s next-generation Vega GPUs may be around the corner, but If you’re in the market for a high-end graphics card today, Amazon has a fantastic deal on the Saphire NITRO Radoen R9 Fury 4GB that is just too good to pass up! At $309.99 USD these little powerhouses are sure to go fast. Of course, while AMD’s Radeon R9 Fury is last-generation, it is still a highly capable graphics card and is currently at a price-point which is unmatched by any of NVIDIA’s Pascal offerings such as the GTX 1070, which is arguably faster than the R9 Fury, but also priced far above it at an average of $420 USD.


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September 7, 2016

Sony Announces Playstation 4 Pro Powered by AMD Polaris

While all the attention has been focused on Apple with their new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launch, Sony also held their Playstation Meeting 2016 today announcing a new slimmer, lighter Playstation 4 and the new Playstation 4 Pro.

The new Playstation 4 receives no additional features, but is now 30% smaller, 16% lighter, and is 28% more power efficient than the original Playstation 4 despite delivering the same performance.

In addition to the new Playstation 4, Sony also announced the Playstation 4 Pro. The new console isn’t a replacement for the Playstation 4, but rather a more premium model designed for those who want to play their games at better [...]

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September 7, 2016

New CPU Features May Explain Microsoft’s Decision to End Support for New CPUs on Windows 7, 8.1

The tech community has recently gone up in arms against Microsoft after their reaffirmation that they will not be supporting CPUs newer than Intel Haswell on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. While many has seen this as a power play by Microsoft to force users to upgrade to Windows 10, HotHardware recently presented a possible alternate explanation with much less malicious intent.

According to HotHardware, the decision not to support newer CPUs on older operating systems boils down to additional features that were added to the new CPUs. This largely includes the newest power saving features from both Intel and AMD as well as SMT (Simultaneous Multi-Threading) from [...]

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August 31, 2016

AMD, GlobalFoundries Amend Multi-Year Wafer Supply Agreement

AMD recently announced that they’ve entered into an agreement with GlobalFoundries to amend some terms of their current Wafer Supply Agreement.

According to AMD, the WSA amendment will take effect between calendar year 2016 to 2019. It’ll establish a framework of collaboration between AMD and GlobalFoundries for the 7nm mode. AMD will now gain the option of manufacturing certain products with another foundry. It also sets annual wafer purchase targets and prices from 2016 through 2020.

In exchange for these new terms, AMD will make a $100 million cash payment to GlobalFoundries paid in installments beginning 4Q2016 through 3Q2017. AMD [...]

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August 29, 2016

AMD Vega GPU Confirmed 1H2017, Summit Ridge CPU 1Q2017

Ever since AMD’s launch of their Polaris GPUs back in June, there have been rumors that the launch of AMD’s high end GPU, codename Vega, would be pushed up for a 4Q2016 launch to better compete with Nvidia’s offerings. This was further fueled by a recent picture which was leaked by AMD’s own marketing director who described the location as Vega’s launch venue.

However, recent slides from AMD’s latest investor presentation suggests that a Vega launch before the end of the year may not be possible. According to the slide, AMD “Will launch ‘Vega’ for the enthusiast market in 1H 2017”. While this is [...]

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August 25, 2016

AMD Announces New State-of-the-Art Headquarters Building in Santa Clara

It’s no secret that AMD is doing a lot better than they were for many years. They recently launched several great new graphics cards, their upcoming Zen CPUs are looking quite promising, they’ve won custom design contracts for both Playstation and Xbox, and their stock has practically tripled since last year.

With all this success, it’s only natural that a new headquarters is needed to house the new and improved AMD, and that’s exactly what they did.

According to a recent announcement, AMD entered into a long-term lease agreement with The Irvine Company for the new Santa Clara Square building which will be the site for [...]

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August 22, 2016

AMD GPU Market Share Increases First Time in 4 Years Despite Lower GPU Shipments in 2Q2016

Mercury Research recently released their analysis of 2Q2016 market report for the GPU market and it contains quite possibly the best news we’ve heard for AMD in a very long time.

According to the report, AMD’s average total market share increased for the first time in 4 years for both desktop and mobile segments. The last time an uptick in AMD’s GPU market share happened was during the GPU cryptocurrency mining craze back in 2012. As discrete desktop GPUs drove most of this growth in market share, this is likely due in large part to AMD’s strategic launch of mainstream Polaris GPUs which has seen unwavering demand [...]

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August 21, 2016

Samsung GDDR6: 14-16Gbps Bandwidth, 1.35V, Launch in 2018

Although GDDR5X has only just recently hit the market, GDDR6 is already on the way and Samsung recently took the opportunity to share some information on the upcoming memory standard at the HotChips conference currently taking place in Cupertino, CA.

According to Samsung’s presentation at the show, GDDR6 will start at 14Gbps and is expected to reach 16Gbps at its full potential, which higher than the 14Gbps GDDR5X is expected to reach at its full potential. Current generation Micron GDDR5X being used on Nvidia’s recently launched GeForce Titan X is only capable of up to 10Gbps. GDDR6 will be rated at 1.35v, which is the same as GDDR5x. However, [...]

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